Drain Pipe

LITAFLEX's uPVC DRAIN PIPE are manufactured strictly in accordance to the Japanese Standard JIS 6741: 1999.
Constructed from High Impact Polyvinyl Chloride, which is self-extinguishing, and together with a comprehensive range of fittings, LITAFLEX Drain Pipe System is able to efficiently serve the drainage purpose of Air-Con water discharge, which are extremely corrosive.
Its light weight material and smooth bore minimizes the deposit build-up in the inner wall. By simply using the solvent cement welding method for the Fittings, installation is made easier, cost is reduced and time is saved.

  • 2.9 Meter length convenient for transportation
  • Cooling Grey Colour to match Buildings
  • Choice of Non-Pressure and Pressure Pipes


Japanese Industrial Standard JIS K 6741: 1999 Class VU/ VP
Product No.
Norminal Size
Outside DiameterWall Thickness
Class VU/ AE
Class VP/ AW
DP 13 13mm 3/8 Inches 18mm 1.8mm 2.2mm 10 LG
DP 16 16mm 1/2 Inches 22mm 1.8mm 2.7mm 10 LG
DP 20 20mm 3/4 Inches 26mm 1.8mm 2.7mm 10 LG
DP 25 25mm 1 Inches 32mm 1.8mm 3.1mm 10 LG
DP 30 30mm 1 - 1/4 Inches 38mm 1.8mm 3.1mm 10 LG
DP 40 40mm 1 - 1/2 Inches 48mm 1.8mm 3.6mm 10 LG


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